The Global Renaissance of Cannabis by Fred Delisio


Now that the Farm Bill passed, we’ll see “hemp” EXPLODE across the nation. Hemp will be grown for fiber and seed, to make fabrics and cooking oil, etc. However, one of the biggest reasons for the resurgence of hemp, is the high CBD content of the plant for medicines and supplements.

The Farm Bill — a HUGE step in the right direction, right…?!?

No such luck — the powers that be in the US have already said emphatically, and with great emphasis, “CBD from hemp, or any other source, is STILL a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, PERIOD.”

The Farm Bill didn’t address the legality of CBD, and that is going to cause a huge kerfuffle — it’s going to take another 5 years, at least, to sort all of the repercussions of what the Farm Bill did (and didn’t do) for the Cannabis market.

The bright side here, is, within 5 years, Cannabis (in ALL of ITS FORMS and RATIOS) will be growing EVERYWHERE in the US, and NO ONE will know specifically what it is growing in all those fields without testing EVERY PLANT, and we will have won, in a fashion, finally.

Here in the US, we are at LEAST, FINALLY reaching a tipping point where, whatever the local laws are, as well as the Federal restrictions, we are free to do whatever we want as individuals without much fear of repercussions for growing a few plants, smoking a few joints, or vaping as much as we desire.

But let’s get back to Canada. Canada has a clear head-start on the US. They have already scaled-up their hemp production, and are now quickly ramping-up the production and processing of Cannabis for consumption, and many companies are selling and shipping directly from the web. They will easily dominate the Cannabis market in the western world — for a time.

Great Britain legalized hemp production in 1993, but have placed such restrictions on licensing that there are currently estimated about 2000 acres of hemp growing in Great Britain, compared to 33,000 acres throughout the UK.

Russia’s production of hemp has dwindled to about 1500 hectares for the entire country, being replaced by synthetic fiber for all applications where hemp was previously used.

It’s said that North Korea grows industrial hemp for use, in, well, just about EVERYTHING.

We don’t know anything for sure, as it is the most heavily embargoed country in the world, but really, that’s the point. BECAUSE they are so isolated from world markets, it has utilized hemp since ancient times, and still does, even making biodiesel out of it to power their vehicles…!

Of course, this is mostly conjecture, with information cobbled together from a myriad of sources outside of North Korea, since so little information comes out of that country.

Chile has begun to ramp-up hemp production, being a valued crop for 500+ years, since the Conquistadors utilized it for sails, rope, clothing and textiles. There is a current resurgence of hemp farms, and Chile has plans to develop a thriving natural fiber business, as well as the utilization for oils, medicines, biodiesel, etc.

There are many countries around the world embracing the new resurgence of Cannabis cultivation, production and uses.

Countries like Uruguay have recently made all Cannabis and derivatives legal. Colombia has followed suit, making medical Cannabis legal, and these two countries are poised to EXPLODE onto the scene, since they are the two largest LEGAL producers in the world, outside of Canada.

However, let’s talk reality, and the current, established markets for hemp production.

More than 70% of the world’s hemp is produced in China. 70%, which is 2/3rds of the world’s supply of hemp.

All it would take is a simple shift in genetics, and they could not only be the largest producer and supplier of CBD, fiber and oil to the world, but could eclipse the worlds’ THC-rich Cannabis supplies. By introducing a new bevy of cultivars, China could very quickly become the world-leader in medical Cannabis exports to other countries, depending on the evolution of federal and international laws.

For example, Oregon is currently pursuing licensing to be able to export Cannabis products to states that have already passed laws allowing Recreational/Medicinal Cannabis, but are having trouble developing/keeping their production up enough to satisfy supply.

The problem is, China has NO INTEREST in Cannabis as medicine, ironically, since they are the largest producer of Cannabis on the planet, but they see it as a real threat to their youth, and they don’t see any value in it, medicinally.

Just last month, at the 61st United Nations CND (Commission on Narcotic Drugs) meeting, the World Health Organization have been “reviewing” the findings on Cannabis for 3 years now, and have recommended the de-scheduling of Cannabis. After all of this, the CND announced that “the findings on Cannabis were kept confidential”, announcing no release date for those findings.

What WAS released was this:

“During the session, a representative from China expressed the most vociferous objections to de/rescheduling. “Globally, cannabis is not used as a frontline clinical drug and it can be completely replaced by other drugs. We are worried that if we relax the control on cannabis, we most likely would send the wrong signal to the international community and mislead the public, especially the youth.”

“Russia, Pakistan, and ASEAN (Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam) all backed China’s objections.”

So you see, a very LARGE segment of the world is not even CLOSE to where Canada, the US, Great Britain and the UK, Mexico and some of the South American countries are currently at, with regards to Cannabis clemency.

All of this information is VERY disappointing, and we need to come to grips with the fact that our fight to legalize Cannabis in ALL its forms, for all of the uses and benefits it can provide is FAR from over, and it will be quite some time still before we can fly anywhere in the world with our preferred blend displayed proudly in our vest pockets, purses and carry-ons.


The MAJOR upside of all of this is, CBD, THC, and other trace cannabinoids will PERMEATE/SATURATE our lives, more than ever before, and that can ONLY be good for humankind.

The continued support for Cannabis throughout the US, will continue, and the proliferation of Cannabis throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, will force the cost of CBD and other cannabinoids to drop, and, very soon, everything you eat, drink or rub on your body will contain this magic elixir, and much-needed supplement.

Also, we will see a surge in plant-based medicines, as the deep research into this largely overlooked miracle plant has proved SO beneficial to humankind. Most medicines to date from Pharmaceutical companies were either fractionated from existing plants, or synthesized after discovering the compound occurring in nature.

It’s time to begin embracing the miracles produced by the Earth to HEAL us, and stop letting large corporations undermine our health and well-being, by telling us “they know what’s best for us”.

By Fred Delisio

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 139

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