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It’s a real pleasure to have your attention and I hope you enjoy this article and its pictures in the company of the best and sweetest herbs. This time I’m going to tell you about a test grow that I performed with one of the latest released strains from Sweet Seeds, the amazing Cream Mandarine XL Auto® (variety SWS 55).

Its predecessor is one of the autoflowering strains from the Sweet Seeds genetic collection that has been getting the best feedback from growers, making it one of the most appreciated autoflowering genetics. It’s very easy to grow, allows for great yields and features an exquisite and penetrating aroma. Yes, I suppose that everyone already knows that I’m talking about the legendary Cream Mandarine Auto ®

(SWS29), an autoflowering plant that once you try it you’ll forget about any prejudice you may still have regarding autoflowering plants and the old fashioned idea that “autoflowering plants don’t have enough cannabinoid levels and that their taste and aroma are not pleasant enough”. Both the ancestors of Cream Mandarine Auto® are very exceptional, real champions. They are a very special selected genetic line of

Cream Caramel Auto® (SWS22) and an elite clone of Ice Cool ® (SWS06). The result is an autoflowering plant that produces huge buds, fully covered with resin, with a very strong citric aroma of the mandarin type.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary, Sweet Seeds has renovated the catalogue with great promotions and new products. For the most passionate fans, Sweet Seeds presents a new version of our beloved Cream Mandarine Auto ® , with bigger size and production but mainly and most importantly, keeping all the characteristics that turned this strain into the favorite choice of the finest autoflowering growers. I’m talking about the new Cream Mandarine XL Auto®.

This is a 4th Generation autoflowering strain with a big size that allows for maximum production. This strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between selected genetic lines of Cream Mandarine Auto ®

and an elite clone of Súper Tai ’98, which contributes with interesting sativa features, such as bigger size and softer aromas of spices and dried fruits. On the other hand, Cream Mandarine Auto®

contributes with mostly indica features, such as high yield and fresh sweet citric aromas from the mandarin type.

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