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The Canna Kitchen, a cannabis-infused vegan restaurant, was forced to close its doors following a police raid May 11, despite the owner arguing steps had been taken to ensure the business was operating within the rules.

The restaurant has been operating in Brighton for less than a year, serving dishes made with CBD cannabis oil. Since the raid, however, the kitchen has had to lay off its 15 employees and has caused significant financial stress on the owners.

In a statement to The Daily Star, police shared that the raid resulted in an arrest, as well as seizure of a “significant” amount of cannabis and edible items that will be tested.

Owner Sam Evolution told the Guardian that U.K. Trading Standards had given him the green light to open his business last July. Evolution pointed out the meals in the Canna Kitchen were all made from hemp-derived CBD products, which are not controlled substance in the U.K. and are widely sold in stores.

“I was stunned to learn this in light of our prior full and open cooperation with the police… it felt completely over the top.” – Sam Evolution, The Canna Kitchen

The Canna Kitchen has a mission of “let food be thy medicine” and claims on its website that, in order to be compliant, it ensures all food served there does not exceed the legal limit of trace THC. Evolution claims that all of the products are legally imported, with all duties and taxes paid.

“We have never in the past year and a half had any confusion over the legality of these products, and are disappointed with the heavy-handed approach of the Sussex Police force.”

The business was raided on the same day as other suspected cannabis operations, but was the only restaurant. Being lumped in with illegal dispensary storefronts highlights the confusion surrounding controlled substance laws in the U.K. and where CBD-infused products fall in these laws.

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