Reflections on a life lived. Is this how it ends? Disease: the destroyer of worlds.


“You’ve tested positive for cancer.”

The rollercoaster ride of emotions began. Reflections on a life lived. Is this how it ends? Disease: the destroyer of worlds.

Scientific research about natural, plant based cannabinoids has been suppressed for decades by governmental policies. If it had not, I would have had a treatment option of taking a simple, inexpensive plant extract that was totally noninvasive, with no negative side effects. My cancer could have been cured. How sweet would that have been?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that modern medical science saved my life. But with many marvels of mankind’s modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, there are negative, costly, potentially life-threatening side effects. Ultimately, the price I paid personally was the quality of my life being forever altered.

The multitude of cancers that infects us are just one small facet of diseases than can kill. Let’s not forget diseases that can turn our lives into living hells or at the very least are thorns in our side, pebbles in our shoes. is an excellent gateway resource to begin learning how CBD can be another weapon on the war against diseases. On their web site you’ll find a list of 49 conditions and diseases that CBD shows great promise in treating. 49! The chances are you have or you know someone who is/was affected by at least one or more of these 49 diseases. Become proactive with your health and those around you. The Internet is a wonderful world library of knowledge. Use it.

Whip out that Smart Phone and check it out. You can then easily Google treating “X” with CBD. Begin educating yourself about options. is also filled with concise, informative information.

This is what I did with my own cancer, internet research. Back then, Project CBD didn’t exist, and the only plants with CBD were 1:1 ratios with psycho activity. As a decades-long-term recovering addict/alcoholic, mind or mood altering chemicals could easily be my death sentence. For me, the CBD option was out. Hallelujah, that is no longer so.

My cancer experience planted a mustard seed that eventually morphed into a magnificent obsession. To bring to the world the gift of an affordable, easily accessible, super high CBD/near zero THC plant genetics, with no psycho activity.

But where to start? I read every book I could find and scoured the Internet on all things marijuana and plant genetics.

Super CBDx discovery!

In August 2011, laboratory test results confirmed the discovery of Super CBDx. The first super high CBD/near zero THC genetics.

Super CBDx is so much more than a stabilized, non psycho active 26:1 CBD/ THC seed. The production of CBD is over 17% by molecular weight, far exceeding anything else yet discovered (more CBD medicine), with a robust terpenes profile, shorter harvest time, and a physically hardy, productive plant for all types of grow conditions. It truly is super.

To “road test” high levels of CBD/Super CBDx on a multitude of ailments and diseases, from March 2012 through December 2014, lab tested extractions/tinctures (mg per ml) were used in the practice of a California medical marijuana physician with glowing results, and no negative side effects. Seizures eliminated, MS spasticity vanquished. A host of sufferings evaporated. The list of CBD miracles goes on and on…

Testing for a true medicine

True medical marijuana is about scientific laboratory testing (“show me the test results”), the cannabinoids, the terpenes, their synergetic “entourage effects”.

Extensive plant testing was performed to unlock Super CBDx’s special secrets and the medications made from it. Without laboratory testing nothing is scientifically verified. Fortunately these services were available in California. They should be available everywhere.

Another piece of the puzzle was how to get the gift of these special genetics in to the hands of anyone, anywhere who wants or needs them – live plants are not an option, and you probably know why.

A seed would be the only way. Not just any seed, but stabilized, dependable seeds that are DNA duplicates of the original plant. Years of genetic research/ testing culminated in just such a seed.

There are people who have devoted their time, efforts and lives to the service of advancing the benefits of medical marijuana. While we couldn’t get to everyone, Super CBDx is now in the hands of MMJ activists on five continents. It was our early Christmas present for their devotion to serving others.

There are also people out there who are scientific researchers, medical professionals, members of disease organizations, and even government officials that care about their citizens and burdensome health care costs. Contact us: if you have an inquiry.

The good news is that super high CBD levels can help untold millions of suffering people. CBD has great potential as a preventive measure against diseases and enhancers of general good health. 2016 will be an exciting year!

Super CBDx is only the beginning of amazing plant genetics in our pipeline, all being prepared for release to benefit everyone.

Consider this your personal invitation to transform your life and those that surround you. Join us in a marvelous, magnificent obsession:

FOOT NOTE: All progress comes from standing on the shoulders of others. Thank you Jorge Cervantes, Martin Lee, Fred Gardner, DJ Short, Jeff Raber, and numerous unnamed others. Without these pioneers, Super CBDx could not exist. Thank you one and all.

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 118

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