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It is quite normal that you experience lack of sleep from time to time due to illness, stress or an interruption to your routine. However, regular and chronic sleep problems are another story, as it can lead to physical and mental health problems. For this reason, you might also be looking for treatments, such as what the best indica strains are, to overcome a specific sleep disorder.

What is a sleep disorder?

This disorder involves issues not just with the amount of sleep but also with its quality and timing. It can lead to different problems that include distress and poor functioning in the following morning.

The most common among these disorders is insomnia that affects millions of people in the world. A few other sleep disorders include obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome.

Suffering from a chronic sleep disorder like insomnia can lead to emotional and physical problems.

And if the sufferer has a mental health problem, lack of sleep can lead to symptoms of other mental disorder.

A sleep disorder can affect one’s ability to get more out of life. While it is normal to experience sleep disruption from time to time, it is not to suffer from it regularly, not get enough sleep, as you will end up feeling sleepy during the day.

Suffering from troubled sleeping, you can suffer from debilitating and frustrating experiences. For one, it makes you sleep badly and in the end will make you feel fatigued in the morning. It is not one or two people that suffered from a drained energy in the day due to lack of sleep last night.

Definitely, a sleep disorder like insomnia affects your overall well-being and takes a serious toll on your efficiency, energy, mood and ability to handle stress.

Do not ignore a sleep disorder. It would damage your physical and mental health.   For this reason, you might be seeking for a solution, which may also include cannabis. In the following, let’s discuss on whether it can be really a cure for insomnia or not.

Can you use cannabis for insomnia?

Based on recent initial research and studies, cannabis, particularly cannabidiol, may be the answer to cure insomnia.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is one of the main and active ingredients in cannabis like THC. But unlike the latter, it doesn’t get you stoned because it doesn’t have as much psychoactive effects.

This component can also result in less deep sleep disruption that THC can cause. Without even saying, CBD can help a person fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It works by calming the nervous system effectively.

Experts also believe that it may help in preventing chemical neurotransmitter breakdown in the brain area that affects pain, emotional state and mental function. All these effects can lead to drowsiness due to the release of sleep chemicals through the bloodstream.

However, the studies are still in their infancy and need further research. For example, the experts at the Harvard Medical School emphasize that while initial studies are pointing out that it may aid in conditions like insomnia more research is still needed.

If you’re considering the best indica strains, which are said to be effective in battling sleep disorders, to overcome insomnia, you may have been researching about their effectiveness and benefits. Let us find out in the following section.

Which are the benefits of medical marijuana for insomnia?

A number of studies have confirmed that marijuana can induce sleep. For example a clinical trial data review of cannabis-based medicines (with THC, CBD and an equal combination of the two) revealed a mild activating CBD effect with a slight sedation from the THC predominant extracts, according to a journal published in the Chemistry & Biodiversity.

And as a sleep aid, a growing number of scientific studies have been revealing some proofs that CBD may actually help. For instance, some studies had it that it could aid people suffering from a short-term sleep problem.

It can also help sufferers sleep better due to its effects on the brain. In addition, it turned out CBD may help ease anxiety and pain, two of the main causes of insomnia that can make it hard for you to sleep and stay asleep.

According to a journal to find in the Current Psychiatry Reports, CBD may aid in sleep directly because it influences the brain receptors controlling the body’s sleep and wake cycles.

So if you’re occasionally suffering from sleep difficulty, you may consider the non-habit forming, safe and alternative medicine like CBD.

Is CBD the cure to insomnia? While initial studies and research pointed out to its positive effects on sleep disorders, more research is still needed. Nevertheless, CBD products from the best indica strains may be the cure that many sleep disorder sufferers might be looking for.

Written by Rebecca Akers is an enthusiastic and creative writer at THC Design. Her main goal is to spread information about growing cannabis and its health benefits.

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