Researchers implore hospice staff to educate staff on medical cannabis


According to the Marijuana Policy Project[1], more than 2.6 million patients use legal medical cannabis in the United States. However, due to cannabis remaining illegal at the federal level in the US it cannot be covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

While hospices do not provide cannabis to patients even in states where it is legal, it is without doubt that some of their patients are using medical cannabis, even in States where it remains illegal.

Lynn McPherson, the study’s second co-author, added:

“There are definitely hospice patients that use medical cannabis. People have used cannabis for many years even before it became legal in some areas. The question is whether their doctors know they are using it.

“Legal or illegal, cannabis is a medication, and clinicians need to know what medications their patients are taking.

“Like any other medication, cannabis poses some risks, including potential adverse drug interactions.”

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