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An approved amendment to Airdrie’s Cannabis Consumption Bylaw removes the possibility of allowing cannabis consumption at special events held on City-owned lands – but residents will still be able to accommodate consumption at events on private property.

“This will place the onus on the event organizers to comply with all legislation,” said Kari Kitiuk, team leader with Legislative Services.

According to Kitiuk, concerns were brought to administration’s attention regarding specific aspects of the Special Events Cannabis Management Policy section of the bylaw, which was approved in August 2018. In an effort to tighten up the security, compliance and enforcement outlined within the policy, she said, staff identified a number of issues.

Currently, there exists no regulated, provincial oversight mechanism for cannabis consumption similar to that for the consumption of alcohol at special events, Kitiuk said – and the City’s role within Community Services is limited to informing groups of requirements, with no responsibility for oversight or enforcement.

“In light of these circumstances, staff feels that at this point in time, there is neither an identified interest from the community to have cannabis consumption sites at special events held on City property, nor the resources within the City to be able to appropriately monitor and oversee cannabis consumption sites at special events,” she said.

However, one special event involving cannabis did occur on private property, and staff proposed amendments to the bylaw that will allow this practice to continue – noting the municipality will have no involvement, including law enforcement, with any private special event.

“I do run outdoor events, and to be honest, I have had zero issues,” Coun. Candice Kolson said. “I think people understand that there is legislation and it’s to be followed. It’s just like somebody cracking a beer in a public place – that’s not allowed, either.”

Kitiuk added council could revisit the issue with further amendments if needed in the future, and the updated bylaw was endorsed with a unanimous third reading.

Supporting swim

Council voted unanimously to provide a letter in support of the Airdrie Swim Club’s request to the Board of Swim Alberta to allow a new swim club to be registered within the municipality.

“Until recently, the Airdrie Swim Club has been swimming in Airdrie as a chapter of the Canadian Badlands Swim Club for 10 years,” read the letter, signed by Mayor Peter Brown. “We believe that our citizens need another option that will benefit and represent Airdrie on the Alberta swimming platform.”

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