Cannabis Medicine at home Part 3 Custom Capsules by Nugs & Nurse Tori


A sample of this preparation was sent into the lab for analysis, and we were very pleased to see the numbers. Just about exactly what we were shooting for!

57.37 mg total Cannabinoid content per gram, with a 1 to 3.22 ratio of CBD to THC, and an overall activation of 99.44%…proper medicine!

Relevant Considerations

A size ‘0’ capsule can hold .85g of mixture. So by multiplying 57.37 by .85 we determine that each capsule will contain 48.76 mg of total Cannabinoids. If the mixture is to be dispensed from a syringe, milliliters convert equally to grams, so each ml on the syringe equals one gram containing the full 57.37 mg.

Delivery Options

As mentioned earlier, an encapsulated preparation can be extremely versatile in administration. Often times we find that someone may prefer one biological pathway over another, or may choose to utilize one delivery method over another depending on the circumstance (ex. those with an impaired oral route). All people are unique, and may react differently to subsequent methods, so the more options the better it is overall and capsules offer just that…versatility.


The oral (digestion) route is often utilized extensively for those that can tolerate it. However, it is often experienced quite differently from the other more ‘direct’ absorption methods. Consuming Cannabinoids orally (swallowed) are first absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, then sent to the liver for ‘first-pass metabolism’. The liver converts Delta-9-THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC which is said to be 4 to 9 times as psychotropic as Delta-9. Due to the digestion process, ingested Cannabinoids can take up to 90 minutes or longer to take effect, be much more euphoric and last longer than any other dosing method (combustion and vaporizing being of the fastest onset due to direct blood-stream absorption via lungs). Gastrointestinal absorption can vary greatly from person to person. G.I efficiency/metabolism rate, full or empty stomach, micro-flora health and balance, enzyme content/acid levels/pH (stomach), coupled with liver health and functionality can all play a role in Cannabinoid absorption and metabolism through oral administration. The most common unwanted side-effects of this method, due to the potency of 11-Hydroxy- THC are anxiety, paranoia, confusion, and Xerostomia (cottonmouth).

Combustion and oral consumption are not the only means of ingestion. Cannabinoids can also be absorbed directly into the bloodstream bypassing liver metabolism altogether by utilizing the following ‘direct absorption’ methods. The onset of the effects will happen faster, with less euphoria, and a shorter overall duration. The experience is generally more predictable and easier to titrate as well.


Mucous membranes within the mouth contain a profusion of capillaries just under the surface. Cannabinoids (esp. those being carried by a fat like coconut oil) are absorbed by diffusion thus readily entering venous circulation. By allowing a capsule (or a dose from a syringe) to dissolve and absorb in the mouth, one can achieve direct blood-stream absorption without digestion with an average onset of 30-45 minutes.


As with the mouth, anal suppository administration utilizes direct absorption via mucus membrane, this being the intestinal wall. Capsules work wonderfully for this purpose, and this method is very efficient. Be sure to use sufficient lubrication (infused coconut oil works well), and be certain the capsule(s) are inserted deep enough; up to the second knuckle on the index finger is about right. Also, make sure that your hands are well washed and fingernails trimmed and filed. One could also wear a disposable glove or finger cot for application. The capsule will quickly dissolve, and the dose should fully absorb in 30-45 minutes. It is a good idea to plan this dosing method around sedentary time in your day in order to keep the dose where it belongs, before laying down for a cat-nap or reading session or perhaps just before retiring for the night. Effects are usually felt between 15 and 60 minutes, and typically will not be as euphoric as oral ingestion as this method bypasses the liver as well. Though it is up for debate, some believe this method is up to 70% efficient in bio-availability of CB’s! Compare that to 20% absorption via oral and only 15% through combustion! We are big fans of the ‘Booty Bump’! Note: Capsules can also be administered vaginally, however the overall bio-availability may vary considerably between individuals.


Capsules can easily be emptied onto the skin and massaged in for trans-dermal absorption. This method is not the most efficient as far as systemic distribution of Cannabinoids throughout the blood stream, but can work wonders for targeting local pain, or treating lesions on the surface of the skin. When treating small lesions, be sure that the preparation is highly concentrated. Often just a few drops of coconut oil added to a pure oil (just enough to get it to flow and spread) is sufficient. A bandage is often used to protect the treated site, and keep the preparation stationary between applications.


A Cannabinoid treatment protocol can be as varied and unique as the individual being treated. What may be suitable for one person, can be completely inappropriate or insufficient for another. There are an astonishing amount of variables to consider from case to case. It often takes a moderate amount of patience, experimentation and determination coupled with an ability to listen to the body, mind and spirit to close in on a treatment protocol that works properly for each individual. Be prepared to make adjustments along the way, taking on any challenges as they arise. A Cannabinoid treatment protocol is moldable and often ever-changing and evolving, fortunately there are many options available for full customization!


‘Saturation’ is a term used to describe flooding the body with Cannabinoids by utilizing multiple biological pathways and administration routes. Often times, an individual may require a large concentration of CB’s in order to reach the desired result in their healing process. The above mentioned methods coupled with moderate combustion or vaporizing of dried flowers or properly made concentrates (free from residual solvents and contaminants) and even juicing raw Cannabis to supplement acid-form CB’s, offer a multitude of delivery options to achieve a Cannabinoid-saturated system. Often multiple preparations each with an intended application is the way to go. Perhaps a ‘daytime’ preparation with Sativa THC and CBD, and a ‘nighttime knockout’ prep made from Indica THC.

CBD, Indica THC, Sativa THC, oh my!

There is a fair amount of conflicting information available out there for the discerning ‘newbie’ to Cannabinoid medicine. For many, it is common knowledge to utilize euphoric (head high) Sativa oils and most hybrid oils for daytime use, saving the sedating (body high) Indica preps for bedtime. However, there are many people that do not have experience with pure CBD, or a preparation-heavy CBD concentration. CBD is mostly prevalent in Sativa-dominant genetic pools, thus most CBD heavy genetic lines can be traced back to Sativa lineages. That being said, there has been a recent influx in intentionally breeding CBD back into landrace Indica lines to accentuate the efficacy of the medical benefits of a particular Indica genetic profile… perhaps a subject for a future article. That being said, some believe that CBD alone is sedating. On the contrary, from what we have discovered, isolated CBD is most definitely a stimulant that increases metabolism and alertness, while decreasing appetite (while providing a sense of well-being). The most common side-effect from large doses of CBD is mild irritability. We almost exclusively save CBD for daytime preparations, and exclude it from Indica dominant nighttime preps where we are looking to promote restful sleep and a voracious appetite come breakfast time!

We hope that our three part series on “Cannabis Medicine at Home” provides you with the information necessary to produce your own highly effective medicines to treat whatever health challenges you and your loved ones may face. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you all the very best in health!

Live/Love, Nugbuckets

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 118

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