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Doctors hope to solve the issue of the benefits of medicinal cannabis once and for all this year, when a trial involving input from 20,000 UK patients is set to get under way.

The two-year trial, backed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, will look for firm evidence that the non-psychoactive blends of the plant are indeed capable of generating the serious medical benefits that many self-funding users claim, with the hope being that such a raft of positive evidence may be enough to get cannabis products approved for a much wider distribution via the NHS; without onerous layers of bureaucracy to get through first, and for problems that aren’t so life-threatening to their sufferers that they get on the news.

RCP president Wendy Burn said: “The RCP hopes this project will address the paucity of evidence for the use of cannabis-based medicinal products in all health settings, including mental health. We hope that this project, along with other research such as more much-needed randomised control trials, will continue to build the evidence on CBMPs [Cannabis-based medicinal products].” [Guardian]

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