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Jo Swinson seems to have broken the trend for politicians lying about the naughtiest things they’ve ever done.

This morning Boris Johnson tried to convince the country that the naughtiest thing he had ever done was cycle on the pavement.

This was particularly galling as we all have eyes, ears and brains which have spent the last couple of months watching our porky pie telling PM pretty closely.

Mr Johnson did say that he would only fess up to something that he was “prepared to admit” and that wouldn’t be too politically damaging.

Well fair play to Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson who has given probably the most honest answer to this question that we can remember.

Asked what the “naughtiest” thing she had done was, Ms Swinson told PA: “I did smoke a fair bit of cannabis at university.

Boris Johnson said his naughtiest moment involved a bicycle

“I don’t know whether that counts as particularly naughty, but your readers and viewers will be able to make up their own mind on that.”

Pressed to define a “fair bit” of cannabis, Ms Swinson said: “It wasn’t just one, and I did inhale.”

Theresa May replied to the same question with “running through a field of wheat” prompting immediate mockery.

So fair play to Jo Swinson – it probably isn’t considered that naughty, but at least she answered the question.

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