Fairy Godmother (AKA Godfather)


Fairy Godmother (AKA Godfather)

Budwiser Seeds and Weed.co.za, South Africa


Genetics: (African Swazi x Nigerian99) x AK48

Potency: THC 19%


Now, I remember seeing Cinderella numerous times when I was a little kid, and to my memory, the Fairy Godmother was usually a portly old woman with flimsy looking wings rather than a large nug of dank weed. However, I know that I’d rather have some South African pot looking over my shoulder on a daily basis than a middle-aged busybody who’ll probably need a piggyback at some point down the line – especially if that pot was bred by Budweiser Seeds and the awesome crew over at weed.co.za. These guys are tirelessly working to get South African strains some recognition in the wider cannabis community, and they’re making more headway every single day. This particular strain, which began as a project back in 2007, has a double dose of South African genetics, with Swazi and Nigerian 99 influence as well as genetics from a Serious Seeds AK-47.

As the laws in South Africa are quite strict, Fairy Godmother has been kept between just a few lucky smokers up to now. Those who’ve had the chance to grow it, who number even fewer than the smokers, will know that this is an outdoor strain through and through, although it is happy in both hot and cold climates. There is work in progress to formulate this as an indoor strain as well, and to do this the breeders have taken the height down from almost 13 feet to around 5 feet indoors. Given half a chance, though, Fairy Godmother will still fly right up there! The breeders have also taken the flowering time down from 13 weeks to 9 weeks, which is great news for all concerned. This strain can be grown in SOG, hydro and soil grows, although the breeders recommend ScrOG for this one. As a true South African strain she loves the sun, so lots of light will be necessary in any grow set up. She’s resistant to pests, though red spider mites do pose a threat, and she’s sensitive to pH lower than 5. You might think that mites will be causing spots on your leaves, but this is likely to be the acidity; keep a pH of between 6 and 6.8!

The super strong smoke of Fairy Godmother is a lingerer, much like its annoying namesake, and can stay around for 8 hours or longer. The relaxing but creative head high comes on almost immediately, so don’t get carried away and have too much or you’ll definitely have a monkey on your back—or a geriatric pixie on your shoulder.

Published in Weed World Magazine 109

This article originally appeared here in https://www.weedworldmagazine.org/2019/12/13/fairy-godmother-aka-godfather/

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