The Weed Traveler – Barney’s of New York, The High End – By Sharon Letts


When asked about the quality of the products, as compared to other high-end lotions Barney’s stocks, Burke said the products were just as finely made as any other of their luxury lines.

An entire wing had been created for The High End shop on the top floor of the building. Inside, savvy and well-heeled cannabis partakers could purchase fine smoking accessories, sitting under glass cases, surrounding by marble walls and gilded pedestals.

Fine bone china vintage ashtrays from Hermes Paris, with one of its signature designs, could be had for about $700 a pop.

When asked how the historic design house, Hermes, felt about its ashtrays being for sale in such a space, Burke replied, “They are happy to be selling ashtrays again.”

Under another glass case, rolling papers are carefully laid out from French company, Devambez, made exclusively with hemp grown in the South of France. Burke added that if you haven’t smoked a joint rolled in a Devambez, you just have no idea what the fuss is all about.

Sterling silver accessories created by Good include pokers, lighter sleeves, and bud containers, all made by the hands of Los Angeles silversmith, Josh Warner. One of Warner’s sterling silver grinders comes with a price tag of $1,474.

Longtime iconic New York jeweler, Carole Shashona, has joined the healing trend, and now includes a line of cannabis leaf adorned fine jewelry for the shop.

There’s glass art via beautiful bongs by Caleb Siemon, of Siemon & Salazar, a design duo, schooled in Italy, from Southern California; and stash boxes by Ginger Brown, a French design house in Normandy.

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