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History made with first ever Israeli cannabis import into the UK
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Israel has exported medical cannabis a year after their government changed policy to legally allow the export of domestically cultivated and formulated products.

Astral Health, a specialist import and distribution company and subsidiary of LYPHE Group, brokered a strategic partnership with Israel’s largest and leading manufacturer of pharma GMP certified medical cannabis products – BOL Pharma.

The import marks the start of a new era for the UK medical cannabis industry after a period of reliance on irregular and unreliable pharmaceutical grade product coming into Europe from Canada, and antiquated systems bringing in product from the Netherlands.

Improving patient access in the UK

The new Israeli supply promises to put an end to these erratic processes, as Astral Health redefines the efficiency of bringing medical cannabis into the UK from the most advanced medical cultivation market globally.

LYPHE Group have already completed a landmark move for medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK by travelling to import prescriptions through its own pharmacist.

LYPHE Group CEO, Dean Friday, said: “We know all European cannabis businesses will feel a new rush of excitement with this monumental and historic shift in supply coming from Israel.

“Yet again, LYPHE Group has delivered a step change for the market. We are taking the lead in facilitating meaningful access to affordable and life-changing cannabis-based medicinal products in Europe.”

“This is truly welcome news and a real breakthrough for the Israeli medical cannabis market,” BOL Pharma CEO Dr Tamir Gedo said. “The Israeli cannabis industry has a huge competitive edge in the global arena, compared to many countries trying to enter the cannabis sector… Further opening of the market to exports will enable Israel to become a world leader in the coming years.”

This medical cannabis shipment, made possible by Astral Health, will be used to treat patients in the UK with treatment-resistant epilepsy, and marks the first of many shipments the company will make over the coming months from Israel.

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