Politics news LIVE: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash over climate change at PMQs – Evening Standard


Jeremy Corbyn said the PM previously said “climate change is a primitive fear without foundation”. 

He says the PM is failing on the “most important issue of our time”. 

He has criticised journalists being shut out of Number 10 briefings. 

He asks the PM to “face up to the climate emergency” and get the world to move to a “sustainable future”. 

Mr Johnson said the COP26 summit in Glasgow will be fantastic and the government has shown world leadership on climate change. 

On the media, he said Labour did an inquest into the general election defeat which blamed the media. 

Mr Johnson said: “I am a journalist, I love journalism.”

He said the media does its best to show the reality. 

He said Mr Corbyn can’t cope with reality. 

This article originally appeared here in https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-pmqs-brexit-latest-live-a4353836.html

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