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For the second year in a row, the Bay Area cannabis community is gathering in Oakland on Feb 15. to honor Prop 215.

All weed lovers know 4/20; while dabbers celebrate 7/10. But, for compassionate trailblazers, it’s all about 2/15.

“Last year I was at the Sweetleaf party at EVB and I thought it was so brilliant,” said Elise McRoberts, executive producer of the event and CMO of Doc Green’s, one of the event’s sponsors. “They (Sweetleaf Collective) were working hard trying to get SB 34 (the compassion bill) pushed through legislation and had the party to raise funds and awareness.

“It was a bit surreal, but super fun and inspiring,” added McRoberts. “I’ll never forget dabbing in the back of the room, while Senator Weiner was speaking up front and the whole place was packed with industry leaders, patients, politicians, activists- it was so beautiful.”

This year it’s a different style of party: the politicians are replaced by local DJ’s Rocker-T and CB, and there will be a bevy of cannabis brands sharing their cutting edge inventions. But it’s on the same date, in the same place and with the same mission to honor compassion and bring the community together for a cause close to everyone’s heart. Yes, there will dabs aka cannabis concentrates; as well as low dose beverages, infused sauces for the food, micro-dosed sushi, craft edibles and of course lots of flower power.

At a time when many companies are executing lay-offs and struggling to survive, the cannabis industry is proving that it’s still a community, first and foremost.

“This industry was built on the backs of compassion. We remember that. Everyone participating in this event remembers that,” said McRoberts.

The 2nd Annual 215 Compassion Benefit is also The Last Hurrah at EVB, an advertising agency who has allowed their office rooftop to be the venue of many cannabis events over the past years; however, the agency is moving out March 1 due rent increase.

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