TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma – A new study says Oklahoma ranks second per capita in the entire country, for the number of marijuana dispensaries, even beating out states like Colorado and California.

According to Verilife, which owns dispensaries in several states, Oklahoma ranks second in the nation in brick and mortar marijuana dispensaries per capita, with 15.6 per 100,000 residents.

Matt Zajechowski, who’s based in Chicago, represents the team behind the study.

“Oklahoma was definitely the biggest surprise of the study for sure,” he said.

The study also looked at individual cities across the country and how they ranked. With Tulsa coming in at 17th place with about 10 dispensaries per 50,000 people. Broken Arrow came in at 24th.

Zajechowski says when the medical marijuana law passed here, there were no restrictions placed on how many dispensaries could be built, like other states.

Meaning there’s been a huge rush by entrepreneurs like Kyle Hensley, who opened Main Street Meds in Jenks about five months ago.

“There’s so many exciting new products that we find out about all the time that help people in ways that you might not have expected,” said Hensley.

Hensley says they’re trying to build a customer base, but is confident they will make it.

“We’ve earned a lot of repeat business,” he said. “You want them to come back and more people do all the time.”