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Bogarting, the selfish taboo of pot smokers everywhere, just became fashionable.

In the age of coronavirus, sharing is not caring, Boulder-based cannabis company, Terrapin Care Station, said Tuesday as part of its coronavirus outreach effort, the company with six Colorado stores is urging those who partake not to share their doobie, bong or pipe until the bug blows over.

Denver lowers the boom on businesses said to violate stay-at-home order

Rather than passing it around, “We are encouraging our customers to puff, puff — don’t pass,” Terrapin Care Station said in a press release.

Tangentially, upcoming 420 observances on April 20 were canceled in Denver and elsewhere last week, to help stem infections, part of a statewide shutdown.  

“The health and safety of our performers and attendees is the top priority,” Euflora, the dispensary chain that sponsors Denver’s observance, said when it snuffed out this year’s event two weeks ago.

The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, the Archdiocese of Denver and other opponents have tried for years to end the event.

Clarification on essential businesses

Besides a festival atmosphere that’s occasionally gotten rowdy in Denver, 420 is effectively the Super Bowl for cannabis marketing, the best moment of the year for companies to distinguish their brand with the most loyal customer base, those who celebrate by toking up in public.

“Now is the time for us to do our part. That means making sacrifices,” Chris Woods, owner and chief executive of Terrapin Care Station, said in a statement. “We understand that 420 is a time of celebration for all that we have accomplished in our efforts to end cannabis prohibition. But there is a bigger battle at our doorsteps today, and we must do our part to control the spread of this deadly virus. We hope that by suspending 420-related marketing, people will be encouraged to social distance this April.”

The company announced Tuesday it was postponing all 420 promotions, sponsorships and events to heed the efforts by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and the #DoingMyPartCO campaign.

Polis classified pot shops and liquor stores as essential businesses in his statewide stay-at-home order, meaning Coloradans for the time being can say they’re on their way to buy pot as an excuse to get out of trouble.

On Monday, Polis effectively ended street sales created by the ban by relaxing his order to allow recreational marijuana stores to open lobbies and bud rooms, whereas they were only allowed to do curbside business before.

Last week, it appeared Denver would close marijuana dispensaries along with other business, before Mayor Michael Hancock’s office clarified marijuana and liquor businesses in the city would remain open, after lines quickly formed at the stores.

Terrapin Care Station said the industry is doing its part, adjusting procedures for social distancing and mandating employees maintain hand-washing and the use personal protective equipment to stem the spread of the virus.

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Terrapin Care Station’s online orders have spiked 1,800% the last three weeks, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

“We have made great progress as an industry. Just the fact that we have been deemed an essential service during this outbreak is further evidence of our evolution,” Woods stated. “But that didn’t come without work and determination. We won hearts and minds by leading by example and acting responsibly. Suspending 420 and encouraging individual cannabis use is simply an extension of our efforts to lead by example.”

Terrapin said it was offering discounts “recognizing that many are experiencing economic hardship and job loss stemming from COVID-19,” the company said in a press release.

While Colorado is accommodating the industry, the same can’t be said of the federal government, which is offering federal aid to hemp growers but not others in the industry. 

The Small Business Administration announced last week that marijuana companies would not be eligible for disaster relief loans, because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level.

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