Women of Weed World – Women in Cannabis: A Living History -Survey finding women’s voices in the cannabis space – By Sharon Letts


A grassroots survey intended to provide monthly and quarterly reports on women in the cannabis industry has been circulating on social media, begun by Ladyjane Branding and Wolfe Research & Consulting and sponsored by several companies in the space.

Women in Cannabis: A Living History, asks questions of women such as: Why did they join the industry and what hurdles do they face?

According to facilitators, so far, the survey has garnered nearly 650 responses, with enough data to report on all women as a collective group. That said the sample size must be increased in order to analyze and show differences between communities within the whole.

Surveys are still needed in the U.S. for the following demographics; Black/African American (12), Asian (17), Native Americans and Alaskan Natives (30); Veterans (33), entry-level (14), Republicans (10), Libertarians (21); and in the states of Massachusetts (16), Maine (22), Nevada, Arizona, and Illinois.

There are currently 27 surveys completed from the UK, with 102 in Canada and a need for more to be completed worldwide.

Women have always been a part of the cannabis industry, from the black market to the legal market today, women have come to the table as caregivers, farmers, and remedy makers at every level.

And though the black market was historically run by men, the creation of organizations like Women Grow, brought them out of the kitchen and away from the trimming tables, helping them become viable competitors in the legal market.

But where are women today within cannabis corporations now garnering billions in profits? Is the playing field even for women and men in the space? The numbers suggest not.

According to a survey done in 2015 by Marijuana Business Daily, women leaders added up to just 36 percent of the workforce (as opposed to 15 percent in other industries), with 63 percent in high level positions in testing laboratories.  Today, MJBD reports the numbers have fallen, not risen, with just 27 percent of executive positions held by women.

In the mainstream market, more than nine million businesses – or fifty percent of all businesses are owned by women; while women’s purchasing power has steadily increased, holding 60 percent of wealth in the U.S. alone.

Furthermore, a study from Vangst found a mere 17.6 percent of women hold management level positions across the U.S., as director or executive. And while 43.4 percent of all surveyed companies had a majority of female employees, only seven out of 166 businesses counted had all-female teams.

The survey promises to ensure that marginalized and voices typically not heard from are included. Components of the survey include storytelling beyond the data, through the lens of themes touched on by the reporting.

A list of women considered experts in the field will also be compiled to help continue the conversation, and make recommendations.

Wendy Borman, Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary, Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, will be capturing additional interviews this year, with inclusion in mind. A small number of respondents for the video series will be selected to be interviewed and filmed at specific cannabis events and conferences.  The interviews will continue to touch on the same topics as the themed reports.

Workers in the cannabis industry are encouraged to share the survey and help others be involved – especially in the areas lacking input.

The cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, and women are stepping up and taking control in many ways. Music icon Melissa Etheridge was once quoted as saying, “There is no grass ceiling in the cannabis industry for women,” we hope she continues to be right.

While the state of pay and managerial positions for women in the global workforce falters, women in the cannabis space are attempting to make up the difference, via inclusion, acceptance, and opening doors to their sisters in green. Knowing the facts of where we are is key in clearing the way for more women in high places in the cannabis industry.

To take the survey visit, http://bit.ly/wicSRVYklpr

For more information on the survey visit, : http://bit.ly/WICSwebKLPR

Published and Written by Sharon Letts in Weed World Magazine Issue 146

This article originally appeared here in https://www.weedworldmagazine.org/2020/05/13/women-of-weed-world-women-in-cannabis-a-living-history-survey-finding-womens-voices-in-the-cannabis-space-by-sharon-letts/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=women-of-weed-world-women-in-cannabis-a-living-history-survey-finding-womens-voices-in-the-cannabis-space-by-sharon-letts

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