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Legalization 2020: Welcome to Leafly’s live coverage

Here we are: Election Day. Welcome, friends.

Leafly’s news team will provide 12+ hours of rolling updates, vote totals, quotes, memes, tweets, posts, and random entertaining bits to keep your anxiety at bay and your chill level cool.

Sick of CNN, Fox, ABC, and MSNBC? Bookmark Leafly’s election page and return often. No matter what your political persuasion, we’ll provide good news and glad tidings. Legalization is marching on! Hang with us and watch it grow.


Election 2020: All you need to know about cannabis legalization on the ballot

Updated Nov. 3 voting results

Each measure needs 50.01% to win. Results are updated as soon as state officials release more totals.

Arizona: Adult Use APPROVE (Prop. 207)

Mississippi: Real Medical Use APPROVE (I-65)

Mississippi: Fake Medical Use APPROVE (I-65A)

Montana: Adult Use APPROVE (I-190)

Montana: Adult Use APPROVE (CI-118)

New Jersey: Adult Use APPROVE (Question 1)

Oregon: Measure 109 (psilocybin) APPROVE

Oregon: Measure 110 (drug decrim) APPROVE

South Dakota: Medical Use APPROVE (IM-26)

South Dakota: Adult Use APPROVE (CA-A)

The sun may be setting on cannabis prohibition in many states tonight. (Photo courtesy of Cannaclusive)

A mid-day check in with Leafly editors

12:04 p.m. PST—We’re watching seven legalization votes in six states today. Get your mid-day update from Leafly culture editor Janessa Bailey and California bureau chief David Downs on Instagram Live.

In Montana, voters are lining up to legalize it

11:39 a.m. PST, MISSOULA—Despite the frost on the ground at daybreak in Missoula, temperatures across Montana will be in the 60s today, prime conditions for Montanans stuck in voting lines—some of which are already more than two hours long.

As of yesterday afternoon, 69% of eligible voters here had already cast their ballots. Before Election Day had even begun, the state had set a new record for total votes in any election.

Montana’s dual adult-use measures, Initiative 190 and Constitutional Initiative 118, have seen positive polling throughout the campaign, but the necessity of passing both measures has caused some confusion among voters. In recent days I’ve witnessed patients calling their dispensaries, asking for advice on how to vote, and looking for clarification around whether adult-use will impact the eligibility of medical patients who are under 21 ( it won’t). 

Some dispensary owners and patients are wary that adult-use would bring in lots of big-money out-of-state players that would decimate the medical market. I-190, however, calls for a 50% horizontal market and a one-year moratorium on licenses for non-residents. Both provisions should give current providers a substantial leg up in the adult-use market, if the measures pass.

— Max Savage Levenson

Missing the campaign watch parties? So are we.

11:20 a.m. PST—Live reports from campaign watch parties are one of the traditions of American politics, but not this year.

We’re in the midst of a third wave of the COVID pandemic, so most watch parties weren’t just cancelled—they weren’t even planned. If our coverage seems a little more virtual than normal, that’s the reason.

“Prohibitionist compares weed to sharks!”

10:41 a.m. PST—Time to check in on Kevin Sabet, co-founder of Project SAM, the nation’s leading marijuana prohibitionist organization. Last week he predicted that most cannabis legalization measures would pass on Nov. 3. He’s been pretty quiet so far today, but over the weekend he penned this thoughtful poem.

Hippie soap coming out strong for psychedelic medicine

10:25 a.m. PST—Dr. Bronner’s, one of our favorite eco-friendly hygiene brands, has been supporting legal and safe access to psychedelic-assisted therapy for more than a decade now. So today’s entheogen decrim vote in Washington, D.C., and medical psilocybin legalization vote in Oregon, have got the soap set worked into a lather.

We’re here all day, folks.

Here’s when we’ll start getting returns tonight

10:04 a.m. PST—When it comes to the states voting on legalization measures, nobody will know anything until at least 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST tonight. That’s when the polls close in New Jersey, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Florida.

Why Florida? Because a measure on that state’s ballot, Amendment 4, would make it doubly difficult to legalize adult-use cannabis in that state in the coming years. So we’re watching that closely.

8pm EST / 5pm PST

New Jersey (Question 1, adult-use legalization)
South Dakota (adult-use and medical)
Mississippi (medical)
Florida (Amendment 4)
District of Columbia (Initiative 81, decriminalize psilocybin)

9pm EST / 6pm PST

Arizona (Prop. 207, adult use)

10pm EST / 7pm PST

Oregon (medical psilocybin, drug decriminalization)
Montana (adult use)


Warning! This ballot measure could kill legalization in Florida

Good morning! Here’s a nug shot to ease your mind

7:54 a.m. PST —Election Day is dawning overcast and cloudy here at Leafly World Headquarters in Seattle. The coffee’s on, KEXP is turned up, and we’re ready to help you through the day.

Here, enjoy this beauty of a nug shot, courtesy of the growers at Cookies. It’s their Gary Payton strain. According to the reviews on Leafly, it’s…um…quite powerful.

Green and gold, of course: a healthy nug of Gary Payton, courtesy of Cookies.

Formerly incarcerated? Check here to see if you can vote

It’s not too late. FICPFM, the Formerly Incarcerated Convicted People & Families Movement, has a handy Can I Vote? tool that allows you to input your location to see if you can register and vote today.

Track your ballot!

Worried about making your vote count? 45 states and the District of Columbia have ballot-tracking sites that allow you to check on the progress of your mail-in ballot. Here’s a guide to your state’s tracking portal.

But DON’T PUT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY. It’s too late for the mail. Hand-deliver it to a vote drop box.

Facts about ballot counting

You’re going to hear a lot about ballot counting this week. Here are some facts, courtesy of the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is a nonpartisan organization.

  • Every state continues to count ballots after Election Day. That is totally normal, it happens in every single election. It takes time to count them all.
  • No state certifies a winner, in any race, on Election Night.
  • Counting all the votes is not tantamount to stealing the election. Counting all the votes is the election.
  • Ballots can arrive after Election Day in 18 states, according to laws in those states.
  • Military ballots can be received after Election Day in 29 states, according to laws in those states.
  • Election results are certified at the state and local level.
  • The president and U.S. attorney general have no control over how votes are counted.
  • Any candidate or measure advocate may claim victory at any time—it’s a free country—but a victory claim or a concession speech mean nothing. It’s the actual state-certified votes that count.

Certifying the results: How long it could take

Each state sets its own rules for how long the counting process can take.

This map, created by the National Conference of State Legislatures, shows how long local election officials have to certify results.

How long local officials have to certify election results

Election officials in each state have different requirements for certifying the vote totals. (NCSL.org)

In case you haven’t registered…

These are the strains you need this week

Michael Pollan is psyched for Oregon’s legalization vote

The national bestselling author, whose book How To Change Your Mind helped boost the use of medical psilocybin into the national conversation, is watching the vote on Oregon’s Measure 109 closely:


Election 2020: Oregon psilocybin and drug decriminalization initiatives guide

Leafly’s 2020 Election Day contributors include Bruce Barcott, David Downs, Max Savage Levenson, Janessa Bailey, Pat Goggins, Rebecca Kelley, Hannah Staton, Elizabeth Mallory, and Joshua Titus.

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