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OXFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2021 / — The Situation
Whether grown in indoor or outdoor environments, the cannabis plants’ physical attributes leave it vulnerable to a plethora of parasitic pathogens. These compounds, such as viruses, molds, and yeasts, are generally harmless but can present a health threat to immunosuppressed individuals. Coliforms, like E. coli and salmonella, which can also be found under certain circumstances, can be detrimental to anyone.

Microbiologists use the term”colony-forming components” (CFU’s) to describe the amount of pathogen cells within a sample. Harvested cannabis with a high CFU count is a primary reason cannabis growers fail their respective country’s regulatory compliance testing (cannabis remains illegal in the Federal level, consequently, National guidelines governing merchandise purity don’t yet exist). Product that cannot be remediated (processed ) is typically destroyed or cooked-down into reduced margin oils and edibles.

Currently, there are several procedures of cannabis parasitic remediation such as chemical washing, cold plasma screen, RF bombardment, and ozone saturation. None have proven as effective as ionizing radiation (X-ray and Gamma) that is the favored method of remediation in Canada and several”more cannabis-developed” countries.

Kimtron’s Role
Historical in 2014, Kimtron was approached by a group of individuals who, expecting the inevitability of a legal US cannabis market, were intent behind selecting the products, supplies, and quality control measures necessary to raise and distribute cannabis. The team identified Kimtron as a unique, vertically incorporated interlocking system maker capable of designing and creating a cannabis purification method. Their goal was to target emerging cannabis growers and package irradiators along with other grow-related services and products.

Kimtron engineered a cannabis irradiator system for its group in 2014 but they were financially unable to commission Kimtron to create such a method. The group eventually disbanded and Kimtron refocused efforts on its core products for its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sector which was experiencing unprecedented growth in the moment. Kimtron management disregarded the cannabis event viewing it as an interesting but not yet viable market.

Recent events indicate the group from 2014 was right on target albeit five to six decades before their economy. Responding to requests from major growers, in late Q-4 2020, Kimtron developed a prototype system and used two major Universities and a well-known private lab to oversee evaluation criteria and results. Kimtron is supported by the system’s better-than-expected performance and is positioned to bring systems to market in Q-2 2021.

Peter Cawley, Kimtron CEO states;”Electrically initiated radiation is already proven a safe and electronic ¬ffective way of eliminating pathogens in consumables, that was not our charge. The most important element in the design criteria of the Hi-Rad family of products was the requirement to deliver a high dose of energy together with unrivaled precision, precision, and dependability. This is mostly a function of the high voltage power supply (HVPS), the center of almost any x-ray system, and our patented HVPSs built in our US-based facility guarantees favorable results and increased throughput, which can be an integral concern for the bigger growers”.

Cawley further states;”We find ourselves in an opportune position given the technical capacity of our organization and our capacity to create industry-leading high-power x-ray parts. Originally designed for harsh industrial use, our products have shown uniquely suited to this application. We expect rapid expansion.”

David Somoroff, Kimtron VP of Marketing states;”I have been an individual investor in the cannabis industry for some time and have observed many growers struggle with compliance problems. At a price point of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per pound retail, no cannabis grower is happy about having to ruin product as a result of elevated CFU counts. We think we’ve got a superior product that can assist our clients in delivering a secure and pure merchandise to the consumer.”

About the Business
Kimtron Inc. was formed in 1991 as an Industrial x-ray sales and service organization that has since developed in an ISO-9001 accredited design and manufacturing company of patented, proprietary X-ray systems and components. Kimtron enjoys a reputation for producing world-class products and delivering unrivaled after-sale service. Kimtron is 100% American-owned and generates all systems and components in the USA.

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