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In a direct appeal to President Joe Biden on Thursday, 30 members of Congress known for newly fired White House staffers to be reinstated after they admitted to historic marijuana use.

The correspondence, led by innovative Democratic congressman Earl Baueman, calls on the US president to”stop legitimising unfair cannabis laws” for federal workers, and for the five individuals to be reinstated.

“People in the upper ranks of your administration will not face consequences for their cannabis use, and should they, but the identical standard ought to be applied throughout the administration,” says the letter, as Marijuana Moment earliest documented.

“Repercussions for cannabis use have been unequal and people with the most power have consistently faced the fewest impacts. We ask that you don’t allow that pattern to keep inside your administration.”

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Thursday’s letter follows the shooting of five junior staffers for admitting to marijuana use throughout their security clearance.

Based on that the Daily Beast, the firings came as a surprise for the individuals, who were told any prior marijuana use would be overlooked, prior to being fired, while”heaps of others” were temporarily suspended.

The Biden administration had reportedly taken a flexible approach to the security clearance process, with drug use being examined to some”case-by-case” basis, instead of a blanket ban.

However, in line with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the five individuals were fired because of”other security issues”.

Mr Bauman along with other members of Congress noticed that Mr Biden seemed to be open to decriminalising use of marijuana while on the campaign trail — in part because of concerns for the stigma connected with it.

Mr Biden previously he regretted supporting the so-called”war on drugs” from the 1980s and 1990s, also admitted that criminalising drugs severely influenced Black Americans.

Decriminalising bud is mainly supported by opinion polling and congressional Democrats, and so is currently the case in several of US states.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/biden-letter-congress-white-house-marijuana-use-b1822483.html

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