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Why a Covid winter spike will not result in a different national lockdown

The numbers are almost identical also. Last calendar year, as this May, fresh Covid-19 cases drifted well under 2,000 per day. Then as now, summer (and freedom) was unleashed at last. But we know how 2020 ended. A brutal spike and an equally brutal lockdown. Educations were trashed. Christmas was cancelled. So if we do — as most suspect we will — get a fresh winter take-off of what seems an ever-more seasonal virus, will we confront the same distress again? Vaccine threats Last year, cases started to pick up again in the end of August, and from the end of September were over 10,000 per day . This time around, the Government expects, vaccines will stop that increase. All adults have had their first jab at the end of July. But there’s a wrinkle to the achievement of this fast rollout, since the virus potentially melts into the fall the most vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, will have had the longest gap since their very initial injections. No surprise that this week Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi announced autumn boosters, most likely for everyone over 50. The 2nd major threat is not waning radicals, however fresh versions of this virus itself, that have previously shown they can be deadlier or spread faster, and partially elude the security conferred by several current vaccines. The effect of such mutations can be dramatically seen in the statistics for last November, when the post-summer surge in cases was abating, only for a huge third wave to wreck over Britain as we lurks inside for winter months. The”Kent variant” pressured us into a new lockdown. As with waning Compounds, there’s an official reply to the variant threat also: the authorities this week announcing almost #30 million to build labs in Porton Down especially to track vaccines efficacy against worrisome mutations of this virus.


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