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If approved, the MORE Act — that was crafted with an emphasis on enabling states to enact their own cannabis policies — could remove penalties for cannabis possession, clear some cannabis-related criminal documents, and establish social equity programs dedicated to repairing the communities most disadvantaged by the homeless drug war and undoing other generational injuries of cannabis prohibition.

The bill would establish a Opportunity Trust Fund, financed by a five percent tax (which will rise to an 8 percent tax within three years) on retail cannabis earnings. This fund could insure job training, health education, re-entry, and other services including legal help for individuals from the most impacted communities. The bill also involves making the Office of Cannabis Justice, that could manage the new social equity demands.

“As I introduced the MORE Act last Congress, numerous states across the nation, like my home country of New York, have moved to legalize marijuana. Our national laws must maintain this speed. I’m proud to reintroduce the MORE Act to decriminalize marijuana at the national level, remove the needless burden of marijuana convictions on so many Americans, also invest in communities which have been disproportionately damaged from the War on Drugs.” — Rep. Nadler, in a press release

When House lawmakers initially approved the MORE Act last Decemberit was the first time that the body of Congress voted to end cannabis prohibition, but the bill finally died in the then-Republican-controlled Senate.

However, together with all Democrats now in control of the Senate in addition to the House, it remains unknown if the MORE Act could reach the Senate floor since Congress is expecting a separate national legalization bill from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). While the precise language of the invoice remains unknown, it’s predicted to likewise address social justice concerns and endeavor to fix the injuries of cannabis prohibition — and Sen. Schumer has indicated that he may prioritize his own laws over other cannabis reform attempts.

“With a strong base of support in the House and in the Senate, the dining table is put,” explained Rep. Blumenaur, that co-founded the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. “It’s past time that we stop national interference with cannabis banking and research, in addition to the horrible pattern of law that’s devastated communities of color. The MORE Act will help address all of these issues and more.”

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