Medical Cannabis in Asthmatic Patients


Wallpaper: With the increased usage of cannabis in the recreational and medicinal domain names, it’s growing more important for physicians to better understand its detrimental and beneficial consequences. Although medical cannabis comes in many types, the preferred course of administration is smoking or relapse. After caring for three asthmatic patients who have been treated with clinical cannabis and who reported improvement in their symptoms, we decided to review the available information on the effects of medical cannabis on asthmatic patients.

Objectives: to assess the effects of medical cannabis on asthmatic patients.

Methods: a comprehensive investigation was conducted of the MEDLINE and PubMed databases as well as the web for publications about the effects of medical cannabis on asthmatic patients.

Effects: Cannabis includes a bronchodilator effect over the airways and may have an anti-inflammatory effect on asthmatic patients. However, harmful effects on the lungs are mainly attributed to smoking and include tooth irritation and the progression of chronic flu symptoms.

Limits: Cannabis has a little benefit, nevertheless there are lots of detrimental effects on the lungs. Additional research is needed to determine the harmful effects of vaporizers as well as inhalers.

Source: Pubmed

  • PMID: 32286026


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