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Long considered a mecca for natural healing and exploration, Sedona could not be a natural fit the Verde collection from Cloth & Flame, a cannabis-inspired culinary app that launched, Nerf, on April 20, 2021. While”Volume IHomegrown” took adventurous diners into the urban core of downtown Phoenix,”Volume II: High Country” has been hosted one of the lush, green landscape of Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona.

“As cannabis became recreationally lawful in Arizona this year, we knew there was an opportunity for Cloth & Flame to share a new kind of experience rooted in connectivity and nature. The Verde Series was launched as a platform to showcase and celebrate the cannabis plant, while bringing people together to enjoy a immersive, safe, and sophisticated experience. Every facet of our event has been thoughtfully crafted with all the client’s experience in mind,” explained Tracy McGinnis, Director of Business Development at Cloth & Flame. “We’re delighted to be pioneering in this area and revealing just how cannabis events could be approachable for everyone, irrespective of their experience level.”

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In partnership with all Copperstate Farms–one of the largest greenhouse cannabis manufacturers in North America situated in Snowflake, Arizona–the two-night dinner event begins using infused mocktails and handed snacks, live audio, and comfortable creekside lounges. At sunset, dinner will be servedfeaturing creative courses expertly infused with CBD and THC. Guests are encouraged to”pick their own adventure” throughout the day and therefore so are given the opportunity to alter the potency of their cannabis experience.

Nick Rusticus, Cloth & Flame Executive Chef of Emerging Markets, has created an expertly-infused meal using a total of 10mg THC/10mg CBD that contains:

Passed apps

• Miso glazed mushroom, pistachios, smoked romesco

• Smoked poultry, mesquite johnny cake, pickled cipollini, mustard

1st course

• Peaches, beets, cucumbers, sourdough gremolata, black pepper feta

2nd course

• Orecchiette, roasted onions, summer squash, sweet corn, cannabis pesto

3rd course

4th course

• Blue cornmeal cake, lavender agave, whipped goat milk

• Brown butter churros, dulce de leche

• Horchata ice cream, toasted pecans, dark chocolate

Following dinner, guests are encouraged to continue the experience by partaking in these activities as stargazing with famous astronomer and celebrity guide Dennis Young, enjoying the good vibrations of a healing Sedona sound bathroom experience, and also relaxing in hammock lounges, and all to the live audio stylings of MACKandgold.

Some of the profits from the event will benefit the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization specializing in cannabis criminal justice reform. Founded in 2019, the group works to assist release and reconstruct the lives of people who have endured from cannabis criminalization. Copperstate Farms will match Cloth & Flame’s contribution to the company.


Guest birth: 6 p.m.

Location: Sedona, Arizona. Location information will be shared with all guests after bookings have been made.

To find out more and to make bookings, visit Verde Series, Vol. II: High Nation — Cannabis Dining Experience using Copperstate Farms.

To find out more on Cloth & Flame, see Cloth & Flame, telephone 480-428-6028 or email


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