When it comes to Professional sports, Then cannabis as a pain reliever faces unique challenges


Last week, the league said it needs to see more research of how cannabis affects wellbeing. Right now, there’s no scientific evidence that the products work, or that they’re safe, NFL officials said. Additionally, elite professionals aren’t your ordinary jock — a bundle is at stake and the NFL wants to know precisely how cannabis will impact their performance.

Kevin Hill, a physician who co-chairs a committee on pain management to the NFL and its players’ association, appeared a note of caution:”There is a growing body of evidence that suggests it is a bit more insecure than people think,” Hill said.

He mentioned concerns regarding the purity and potency of cannabis products, as well as possible interactions with other drugs that players take. There is also concern that the high doses of cannabis products needed to deal with pain can lead to liver damage.

It states marijuana can impair operation, citing the potential for memory impairment, decreased judgment and reduced coordination.

This isn’t stopping the products from gaining appeal, and businesses are already marketing them as a new type of sports medicine. Canopy Growth Corp., for example, has a majority stake in BioSteel, which makes CBD products aimed toward sports retrieval, including some that include electrolytes such as hydration.

“We understand CBD and cannabinoids can assist with overall well-being, and it’s extremely encouraging to see the dialogue about athletic usage of these products come to light,” Michael Cammalleri, cofounder of BioSteel, told me in an email.

Quite a few athletes, such as former NFL player Brett Favre, have endorsed cannabis products.

The company, which makes the Level Select lineup of CBD products marketed to athletes,” stated year-to-date online revenue have grown 74 percent.

The percentage of men and women who use cannabis-related goods for athletics remains rather modest, at about 8% of current yearly customers, according to cannabis statistic tracker New Frontier Data. However, it is going to certainly grow if the NFL concludes that it is good enough for athletes.

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